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What are some examples of antitrust violations?

When a person in Tennessee owns a business, it is inevitable that they will have interactions with competing business owners. While sometimes these interactions can be positive, there are laws that prohibit businesses from colluding to suppress free trade or impede competition when it comes to pricing. These are antitrust violations, and they are unlawful.

What remedies are there if a contract is breached in Tennessee?

Business dealings take place every day across Tennessee, and are often much more complex than a mere smile and handshake. Detailed contracts are drafted that aim to account for every contingency and ensure each side is getting what they want out of the bargain. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect society, and contractual disputes still occur, even with the most well-drawn documents.

Does business litigation in Tennessee always have to go to trial?

Business owners in Tennessee know that part of doing business is dealing with the inevitable ups and downs in the business world. Sometimes business is good. Demand for their goods or services is up, you're getting new clients or customers and the employees are happy. Other times, suppliers, manufacturers or builders fail to hold up their end of a contract or there is an issue with an employee that is not getting resolved. When this happens, it may lead to business litigation.

UT's defensive coordinator hit with breach of contract suit

It may seem hard to believe, but we are now less than two months away from the start of college football. Indeed, most people here in Tennessee have already circled September 4 on their calendars, as it marks the first game of the 2017 season for the Volunteers, who will take on Georgia Tech in newly opened Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Don't let a tortious interference claim derail your business - IV

Over the last several months, our blog has dedicated considerable time to breaking down the economic tort of tortious interference in a bid to help business owners better understand their options when they suspect -- or are accused of causing -- interference with existing relationships or contracts.

Don't let a tortious interference claim derail your business - III

In a series of posts, we've spent some time examining the economic tort of tortious interference, which involves allegations that one business owner somehow interfered with the existing relationships or contracts of another business owner with the intent of causing them economic harm.

Don't let a tortious interference claim derail your business - II

Last time, we discussed how even though business owners of all sizes need to do everything in their power to remain ahead of their rivals, they must ensure that their actions remain strictly above board. Indeed, we discussed how the failure to do so could result in a lawsuit alleging tortious interference.

Don't let a tortious interference claim derail your business

As a business owner, you need to do everything in your power to ensure continued success from keeping operating costs low and raising capital to making the necessary investments in your workforce and managing government regulations.

What business owners should know about eminent domain - II

Earlier this month, our blog began discussing how commercial litigation is a somewhat nebulous term, encompassing far more than just contract disputes and shareholder disagreements. Indeed, we indicated that it frequently revolved around other legal issues that people typically don't associate with the business world, such as eminent domain.

What business owners should know about eminent domain

When most people hear the term commercial litigation, their thoughts immediately turn to complex court cases concerning everything from contract disputes and shareholder disagreements to valuation issues and even antitrust violations.

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