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Tennessee city shaken by sexual harassment scandal in police

Sexual harassment was once a way of life, especially for women in the workplace. Anyone who wanted to protect a career or an ability to put food on the family table had to grin and bear it, even over years of mistreatment. Now, unwanted touching and speaking in the workplace has the ability to speak out.

What are the most common types of discrimination claims?

Workplace discrimination takes a lot of different forms. While it may be difficult to determine what the most common type of discrimination is, you can look at the most common claims. This gives some evidence of what types of discrimination happen most often and impact American workers.

Reporting wage and hour violations

Working to live is not an uncommon concept. Many workers in Tennessee and elsewhere rely on their job to make ends meet. In fact, some individuals put forth efforts to work overtime just so they can make more money each pay period. However, for some, this may not appear to be much more because an employer is not providing them with, "time and a half," which is afforded to them through federal regulations for overtime pay. In these matters, it may be possible to report such a situation.

Taking intermittent FMLA leave

There are certain life events that impact a person's ability to work. Some of these are joyous events, like welcoming a new baby into his or her life. Other events are not so positive, such as a diagnosis of a serious illness, an injury caused by an accident, or the need to care for an ill loved one. Because these life events can happen suddenly, employees often require time off from work at a moment's notice. With the help of the Family and Medical Leave Act, employees are able to take a set amount of time off from work without the fear of losing their job during their time away.

Protecting employee rights after a wrongful termination

Securing employment is important to residents in Tennessee and elsewhere. This not only gives and individual purpose, but it also helps one establish a reliable income to address living costs and to accumulate savings and retirement. Unfortunately, a person could experience periods of unemployment. A business could downsize, a company could shut down, an employee could seek new opportunities or there could be a justifiable reason to terminate an employee. Nonetheless, an employee could suffer unemployment because they were wrongfully terminated.

Guiding you through employment law issues

When an employment law issue arises, it can be challenging to navigate, as there are likely many working parts. There are federal and state laws and regulations, and often local ordinances controlling employment disputes, in addition to the details of the employment agreements involved. Thus, it is imperative that employers understand what steps they can take to protect the company while also resolving these matters the best way possible.

Proactive employment law strategies for Tennessee businesses

Entities that offer goods and services to customers throughout Tennessee often employ sales people, service technicians and a host of other employment professionals to assist them in reaching the corporate objectives. These employees are an integral part of many businesses' success and form the backbone of their employers' production capacity. To this end, many businesses see maintaining good employer-employee relations as a necessary component to keeping their doors open.

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