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Understanding the protections provided to military workers under USERRA - II

In our last post, we started discussing the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, the landmark federal law that requires all employers -- no matter their size -- to place employees who have left to perform military service in the same position upon their return.

Understanding the protections provided to military workers under USERRA

As a nation, we are eternally grateful to those brave men and women who have served or are currently serving in our nation's armed forces. As a sign of this gratitude, our nation is proud to provide veterans with access to healthcare, education and a host of other benefits, and to extend certain legal protections to those individuals who are currently serving.

Small business owners must always be mindful of federal, state discrimination laws

It goes without saying that when an individual makes the monumental decision to start a small business, he or she will be confronted a host of vital tasks that must be accomplished in the short-term. Indeed, commercial space must be purchased or leased, shelves stocked with the necessary inventory, business formation documents executed and employees hired.

Can you be fired for reporting your employer's actions?

"Whistleblowing" is a term used when an employee reports an illegal action or business practice on their employer's part. When we see something in the workplace that puts people at risk or is an unfair action, such as an act of discrimination, we probably do not want these things to happen again. Many people refrain from whistleblowing though, because they fear for the future of their careers. Can your employer fire you if you blow the whistle on their actions?

Closing the question: Negative job actions after an FMLA leave

If you own a small business or run an HR department, you've probably encountered this issue. An employee -- let's call him Gary -- takes leave to have surgery and post-operative physical therapy. As you probably know, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act guarantees qualified employees like Gary the right to take a certain amount of time off for this purpose without losing his job.

What does the future hold for the now-stalled overtime rule?

Back in May, employers here in Tennessee and across the U.S. began scrambling to make the necessary adjustments after the U.S. Department of Labor announced that it was issuing new overtime rules that, once implemented on their December 1 deadline, would increase wages and earnings for an estimated 4.2 million workers.

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