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Helping Families Navigate Probate And Estate Planning Issues

Matters related to estate planning, elder law and probate are often highly complex. They can also be difficult to discuss and emotionally-charged for parents, children and family members. The attorneys at Spragins, Barnett & Cobb, PLC, provide compassionate legal services to individuals and families who are facing an array of challenging issues.

We recognize that each individual’s circumstances are unique and strive to develop strategies and solutions that meet clients’ specific needs. Whether you are a new parent who wants to establish a will to appoint a child’s guardian or are grieving the loss of an elderly parent, we are committed to providing the information and assistance that you and your family need to make informed and beneficial decisions.

Our comprehensive estate planning and probate services include:

  • Estate administration
  • Probate and probate litigation
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Wills and trusts
  • Medicaid planning
  • Long-term care planning

Elder Law And Medicaid Planning Legal Services

For many aging individuals, the time comes when questions and issues related to safety and living arrangements must be answered and decided. For most families, paying thousands of dollars each month for nursing home care is cost-prohibitive and would quickly deplete savings and result in financial hardships.

With proper planning, steps can be taken to remove the financial barriers that accompany many long-term care options. Our elder law attorneys specialize in helping families plan for their long-term care needs through Medicaid planning. While strict regulations associated with the Medicaid program prevent many individuals from qualifying, there are ways to both protect assets and qualify for Medicaid.

Experienced And Compassionate Estate Planning Professionals

Spragins, Barnett & Cobb, PLC, firm’s estate planning, elder law, and probate services apply their extensive knowledge of probate, estate planning, and elder law issues to help clients understand their options and devise solutions that meet their unique needs. Partners Sara Barnett and Nick Latimer are happy to help you with any estate planning, probate, or elder law issues.