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Protecting the property rights of Tennessee residents

One of the biggest investments that a Jackson resident makes during their lifetime is buying a home. When they buy a lot on which to build their dream home or acquire land where they plan to erect the building for their business, they may take on a mortgage or other significant loan that must be paid back. To this end, ensuring that property owners understand their rights and responsibilities regarding their land is imperative to protecting their ownership interests.

The law firm of Spragins, Barnett & Cobb is dedicated to the representation and advocacy of real estate clients. The attorneys of the firm work with individuals who have encountered many different real property-based problems, from contractual disputes during the acquisition process to land use and zoning conflicts with cities and municipalities.

What is wage theft?

It is important for many Tennessee residents to earn a solid income to support their families. Without an income, a person may be unable to feed their children, keep a roof over their head, or provide them with other important, necessary things. Many people budget their expenditures based on their incomes to ensure that their needs do not exceed their means.

A person's ability to provide stability and support for their loved ones, however, can be threatened if they are a victim of wage theft. Wage theft happens when a person is not paid for the work that they complete. When their employer fails to compensate them fairly and completely, an employee may suffer financial losses from wage theft.

What is a lien?

Extending credit or providing a loan to another person is a gamble on the part of the giving party. That is because, despite a contract or agreement that outlines how repayment will be completed, the receiving party may simply refuse to pay their creditor back. When this happens, a creditor may wish to take steps to recoup their financial output, so they do not suffer economic loss.

One way that a creditor may get back what they are owed is through a lien. When a creditor sues the borrower for the recovery of their money, there are several outcomes that may result. If the creditor fails in their case to show damages, the matter may be dismissed. If, however, they are able to prove that they are owed money and the borrower defaulted on their payments, the creditor may secure a lien.

Preparing for adoption finalization

The adoption process can be an emotional rollercoaster. Making the decision to adopt often comes after some intense soul searching. You deal with mountains of paperwork to start the process. You may also go through a lengthy and invasive home study that may feel intimidating and overwhelming. Then you wait.

When a child becomes available, your life can change in an instant. While your complete focus may be on bonding with your child and making him or her part of your family, there are still steps to the adoption process you must complete. It is important that you understand and prepare for these steps so that the Tennessee courts can finalize your adoption, legally granting you parental rights to the child.

Remedies for boundary line disputes

A Tennessee resident may save money for much of their life to purchase a parcel of property. For many, owning property is a major life goal, a financial investment, and an opportunity to have something of value to pass on to their kids. A lot of planning can go into the property buying process, and when individuals who hope to buy property decide to move forward with their plans, they may wish to consult with real estate attorneys.

One thing that a real estate attorney may be able to do for their client is help them clear up any boundary disputes that they may have with their neighbors. A boundary line is the place where two or more separate parcels come together, and, often, neighbors have conflicts over where one parcel ends and the next begins. In some cases, boundary line disputes can be cleared up by going back to the properties' original surveys, but this is not always helpful.

What is a reasonable accommodation in the workplace?

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, certain employers are required to provide their disabled workers with reasonable accommodations so that they can continue to do their jobs despite their limitations. To determine if an employer is mandated to follow the rules of the ADA, one should consult with their own Tennessee-based employment law attorney for more information.

Not every accommodation that a disabled worker wants will necessarily be considered reasonable. For example, if a worker's requested accommodation carries with it a heavy cost or would impose a significant burden on the employer to implement, it may not be required under the tenants of the ADA. However, accommodations that are financially feasible and reasonably doable are generally required of employers who are covered by the law.

The steps to close on a financial loan

When a Tennessee resident wishes to secure a loan to buy a home, they may take time to shop around to find the terms and interest rates that will give them the best deal. Once they have applied for their loan and are approved, they may have to work through a number of steps to reach closing. Closing on a financial loan is the process of signing off on the transfer of the loan from the lender and the borrower, and usually involves the signing of many documents by the involved parties.

Those documents may include, but are not limited to, disclosures, deeds of property, and promissory notes. The number and quantity of closing documents that a person must sign can be extensive, and it is not unusual for individuals to allow their attorneys to help them when they become responsible for acquiring a loan or mortgage.

Discrimination can destroy a person's livelihood

There are few experiences in life more liberating than getting one's first job. When they reflect on their younger years, Tennessee residents may remember the excitement of getting their first hard-earned paycheck and spending their own money on whatever they wanted. Although the thrill of working for one's own wants and needs may fade over time, many men and women take pride in doing their best when completing their work tasks.

As anyone who has ever had to hold down a job can attest, however, work can be difficult when challenging individuals disrupt the manner in which places of employment run. Inappropriate and rude behavior may be annoying, but when such conduct rises to the level of offensive, it can become harassment, discrimination, or retaliation.

Truck accidents result from many factors

As lovely as a Tennessee winter can be, you may be enjoying the beautiful, summer weather. Driving in winter can be tricky, but dry roads and plenty of sunshine have their own hazards. In fact, when the weather in Tennessee is good, traffic may be moving much faster, which can place you at risk of severe injuries in the event an accident occurs, especially if a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle is involved.

Sharing the road with a tractor-trailer can be a harrowing experience in the best conditions. They weigh many tons more than your vehicle even when their trailers are empty. If your vehicle is involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you stand a much greater chance of suffering catastrophic or fatal injuries.

What can a creditor do to recover on a secured debt?

Creditors in Tennessee have a variety of options for recovering their losses when their debtors fail to make good on their loans. Depending upon the type of loan that the creditor offered to their debtor, they may have different remedies for being made whole. For example, when a creditor offers their borrower a secured loan and it falls into delinquency, that creditor may pursue their losses as secured debt.

Secured debt is debt that is attached to a particular item or piece of property. When a Jackson resident takes out a loan in order to buy a car, that loan may be considered secured as it is attached to the car. If the borrower of the car loans stops making payments toward the satisfaction of their debt, their creditor may have the right to reclaim the vehicle attached to the loan in order to cover some of their losses.

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