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What terms should you include in a real estate purchase contract?

Buying a home is exciting, especially for first time homeowners. However, there are legal aspects to purchasing a home in Tennessee, including the execution of a real estate purchase contract. This is the contract that is drafted when the buyer makes an offer on the property they wish to purchase. The following are some provisions that homebuyers may want to make sure they include in their real estate purchase contract.

One provision that most residential real estate purchase contracts include are financing terms. After all, most people purchasing a home are doing so on the contingency that they will be approved for a mortgage at a specific interest rate. An offer should not be made if the buyer will ultimately be unable to afford the mortgage payments on the home. Even cash purchases should be documented in the purchase contract.

We handle employment law cases in Tennessee

Running a business in Tennessee can be a satisfying endeavor, but sometimes issues come up between employers and employees that cause friction, especially if the issue claims one party violated the other party's legal rights. Employers can face serious financial consequences if they are held liable for violating an employee's rights, and employees can face emotional trauma and financial damages if their rights are violated in the workplace. It's a situation no one wants to find themselves in.

Therefore, it is important for employers to ensure they comply with the law. This includes keeping up-to-date with any changes to employment law and regulations that may impact both them and their employees. It may be necessary to update workplace policies from time to time to reflect these changes. Being proactive can be very beneficial in such situations.

Federal law addresses antitrust violations by businesses

Federal antitrust laws were created to preserve fair competition in the marketplace across the nation, including right here in Tennessee. When there is open competition, prices of products will go down, higher quality goods and services will be offered, consumers will have more choices when it comes to purchasing goods or services and all-in-all there will be more innovation in the marketplace. In general, there are three laws that form the basis of antitrust regulation in the U.S.: The Sherman Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Act.

Under the Sherman Act, businesses cannot fix prices, divide markets or do anything else that restrains trade or creates a monopoly. Under the Federal Trade Commission Act, businesses cannot undertake actions that could create unfair competition or would deceive consumers. The Federal Trade Commission is the entity that regulates federal antitrust rules. Finally, the Clayton Act covers certain business practices that are not addressed by the Sherman Act, such as having a single individual run two businesses that are in competition with one another.

Will you be able to live in the family home after your divorce?

What's going to happen to your stuff after divorce? If you are like many people facing the end of your marriage, you probably have grave concerns about how this process will affect your financial well-being and property rights. What's going to happen to your family home? Will you be able to afford staying there?

There are several options regarding what to do with the family home. No two situations are the same, and the right choice for you depends on your goals for the future and other details. No matter what you decide to do, it is in your interests to think about what will truly be best long-term, not just what sounds best in the moment. When you have the right perspective, you will be able to pursue terms that allow you to have a strong and stable future.

When can the government take property under eminent domain?

Landowners in Jackson may have heard of the phrase, "eminent domain," but they may not know exactly what it means. Under the law of eminent domain, the government can take private property for public use only if the property owner is given just compensation in return. The "Takings Clause" of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution serves as the basis for the law of eminent domain.

"Just compensation" is generally based on the market value of the property at issue. The size of the property and whether there are any resources on the property are two factors that may go into calculating the property's market value. If the government is only taking the property for a short amount of time, determining the property's value can be difficult.

What elements should you include in your business plan?

Having an idea you can build upon and the motivation and drive to actually pursue that idea can be great starting blocks for forming your own business. However, these factors are not enough to completely get a company off the ground. In fact, you will need to take several steps before you even consider opening your doors for operation.

Among those first steps is creating a business plan. You may think it is obvious to have a plan in order for your venture to prove successful, but business plans often consist of specific elements. Exploring these elements may allow you to consider aspects of your proposed business that you had not considered before and allow you to delve deeper into your business interests.

Federal law protects pregnant women from workplace discrimination

Many women these days in Tennessee are waiting longer to have children so they can concentrate on their careers. However, whether a pregnancy comes when a person is a new employee or after they have become established in the workforce, most women who find themselves pregnant are overjoyed. But, while they may be eagerly awaiting their new arrival, their employer may be concerned on how the pregnancy will affect the woman's ability to work and the company's bottom line. Such situations can sometimes result in workplace discrimination.

However, per the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act, employers with 15 or more employees cannot discriminate against women because they are pregnant. In general, employers must offer all workers the same benefits, whether the worker is pregnant or not. In addition, if due to her pregnancy or childbirth the worker must be given accommodations or take leave from work, she must be allowed to do so in the same manner that any other temporarily disabled worker would.

Energy drink giants sue on claims of unfair business practices

Energy drinks have experienced tremendous growth over the years and are popular among those in Tennessee who are interested in maintaining their good health as well as giving them the energy they need to go about their day. However, energy drink companies are businesses, and as such, cannot engage in actions that unlawfully cause their competitors to suffer financial damages. When such situations arise, business and commercial litigation may ensue.

Monster Beverage Corp. is pursuing a lawsuit against its competitor, Vital Pharmaceuticals, claiming that the company engaged in false advertising, as well as systematic anti-competitive business acts. Monster Beverage Corp. produces the energy drink "Monster," while Vital Pharmaceuticals produces the energy drink "Bang."

Collection agencies can help lenders recover debts

Sometimes, when a borrower in Tennessee fails to make payments on a loan, such as an auto loan or credit card account, the lender may need to enlist the services of a collection agency. A collection agency is a business that lenders contract with to recover debts owed to them, usually after the lender has made numerous attempts to collect on the loan on their own.

In general, when a debtor does not pay what he or she owes on a loan for a period of time (usually three to six months), the debt will be placed in the hands of the collection agency. While there are limits on when a collection agency can contact a debtor, in general the collection agency can call the debtor on the phone either at home or at work to attempt to collect on the debt. The collection agency can also contact relatives or friends of the debtor, not to collect on the debt, but to confirm they have the right contact information for the debtor. However, when contacting relatives and friends of the debtor, the collection agency is not permitted to state why they are trying to contact the debtor. Collection agencies can also send late payment notices to the debtor through the mail.

Did police have reasonable suspicion to pull you over?

If you are driving home one night and the lights of a police car go on behind you, your first thought may be, "What have I done wrong?" That is because police typically will not pull you over unless they witness you committing a violation or otherwise suspect you of wrongdoing.

Aside from sobriety checkpoints, which are legal in Tennessee and most other states, police cannot pull you over for no reason. The law protects you from an officer who may wish to stop your vehicle just to see if you might be committing a crime. Instead, police must have a reasonable suspicion that you are involved in criminal activity, including driving your vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

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