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What is eminent domain?

Owning property may feel like more of a privilege, as it takes time and money to obtain real property; however, the ownership of real estate is a right. Residents in Tennessee have the right to life, liberty and property without unreasonable government interference.

In other words, the government cannot prevent or hinder property ownership without just cause or reason. This means that if it is reasonable and justifiable, there can be a government taking of property.

Guiding you through employment law issues

When an employment law issue arises, it can be challenging to navigate, as there are likely many working parts. There are federal and state laws and regulations, and often local ordinances controlling employment disputes, in addition to the details of the employment agreements involved. Thus, it is imperative that employers understand what steps they can take to protect the company while also resolving these matters the best way possible.

At Spragins, Barnett & Cobb, PLC, our skilled attorneys have experience dealing with a wide range of employment law issues. Our law firm understands how these disputes can carry with them significant financial costs and harm to the professional reputation of an employer or employee. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping and guiding our clients through these issues whether they are an employee or employer.

What is arbitration?

Alternative dispute resolution refers to the various means of settling legal disputes without going to court. Arbitration is one of those methods, and Tennessee residents may find themselves arbitrating many different legal matters instead of taking them to court. From consumer claims to employment complaints, arbitration is often built into agreements and contracts promulgated by businesses.

For example, when a person contracts with a builder to provide them with a new construction home, the agreement between the parties may include an arbitration clause. That clause may prevent a home owner from suing their builder in court if they believe that their home is deficient or fails to meet the specifications of their building terms. That is because if the homeowner signed the agreement, they agreed to its terms.

Creating your LLC operating agreement can prevent confusion

As you have probably figured out by now, a lot of paperwork goes into starting your own business. Even when you think you have the basics down and are ready to start operations, you will likely still have paperwork to fill out and file to ensure that your new business operates correctly.

You may have started your new company as a limited liability company. LLCs have many benefits, and choosing that structure made sense to you. You and your co-owners may feel as if you are seasoned decision-makers now because of the many choices you have made during your business formation journey, but the journey is not over yet. Now, you need to focus on your LLC operating agreement.

Problems that may prevent closing on a residential home

It can take years for a Tennessee family to pull together enough money to buy their own house. Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, but before a person can call a residence their own, they must find a way to pay for it, negotiate the purchase and close on the deal. Getting to closing can take a long time, and unfortunately, there are a number of problems that can come up that can derail a family's purchase of a home.

One area of trouble that individuals can run into with closing on homes is with securing funding from their lenders. Banks often extend loans to individuals who wish to buy homes, and often those loans will cover the vast majority of the home's purchase prices. When title problems, low appraisal and other issues arise, banks may elect to pay less than the original loans they stated they would provide.

Why should you consider the benefits of a prenuptial agreement?

When a Tennessee couple is engaged, they are probably not thinking about what will happen if their marriage ends in divorce someday. While this may seem like an entirely unromantic and unnecessary thought for you in this moment, it is actually beneficial to consider your future and how you can protect yourself. One way you can do this is by drafting a prenuptial agreement.

A prenup is not something that is important only for the rich and famous. It is actually a smart step for people of all income levels and ages. This type of agreement will make things easier on you in the event that a divorce does happen, and it can provide you with security and peace of mind. Before you walk down the aisle, you may want to think about the ways you can shield your financial interests.

Proactive employment law strategies for Tennessee businesses

Entities that offer goods and services to customers throughout Tennessee often employ sales people, service technicians and a host of other employment professionals to assist them in reaching the corporate objectives. These employees are an integral part of many businesses' success and form the backbone of their employers' production capacity. To this end, many businesses see maintaining good employer-employee relations as a necessary component to keeping their doors open.

As readers of this blog know, however, there are a multitude of employment issues that can come up that can affect the goodwill that exists between employers and their workers. From claims of harassment and discrimination to allegedly unfair employment contracts and nondisclosure agreements, many different matters can cause tension in Tennessee workplaces.

What can a creditor say in a demand letter?

When a person agrees to borrow money from another person or entity and promises that they will pay it back, they effectively take out a loan from the individual that extended them the cash. The individual who takes the money is known as the borrower, and the person or entity that gave them the money is the lender or creditor. Transactions like this happen all over Tennessee each and every day, and when borrowers successfully comply with the terms of their loans, they may eventually pay back their lenders.

Often, though, for many diverse reasons, borrowers may stop making payments on their loans or may fall behind on what they owe to their creditors. When this happens, creditors may wish to take action to recover the money that they have extended to their borrowers. One of the first steps they may take is to send their borrowers demand letters.

Identifying wrongful terminations in the workplace

It is not uncommon for Tennessee residents to change jobs many times over the course of their careers. Whereas, in the past, a person may stay with the same employer for the full tenure of their working life, now individuals find new opportunities and move with much more frequency. Because new jobs may entice them into new positions of employment, workers may choose to leave their jobs on their own conditions and terms.

Sometimes, though, workers are let go from their jobs when they would rather continue their employment. Layoffs are one type of job loss, but terminations are another. A termination occurs when a person is fired and released from their employment. In order to terminate a person from their course of work, their employer should have a legal reason to do so.

Choosing a business name can be more complicated than expected

Over the years, you may have considered starting your own business many times. However, something was always holding you back. The timing may have been off, or you may not have had the financial security to take such a risk. You may have experienced an unplanned life event like a serious medical issue or, on a more positive note, the birth of a child. Nonetheless, you now feel that the time is right to start your company.

One aspect of business formation that you may have had in mind from the beginning is what you will name your company. Many people find choosing the name of their business to be one of the most exciting elements, but you may want to keep in mind that it can have its difficulties.

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