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What are some examples of antitrust violations?

When a person in Tennessee owns a business, it is inevitable that they will have interactions with competing business owners. While sometimes these interactions can be positive, there are laws that prohibit businesses from colluding to suppress free trade or impede competition when it comes to pricing. These are antitrust violations, and they are unlawful.

There are a number of antitrust laws. Under the Sherman Act, if businesses act in a manner in which they impede or monopolize free trade, they could face criminal penalties. Then there is the Clayton Act. This is a civil law that states that a company harmed by an antitrust violation can seek injunctive relief and pursue damages. It specifically lays out different types of antitrust violations. Included in it is the Robinson-Patman Act, which addresses price discrimination.

Warehouses becoming a hot commodity in the real estate sector

These days it may seem like more and more brick-and-mortar stores in Tennessee are closing as shoppers turn to online retailers, such as Amazon, to make purchases. However, one type of real estate that has become a hot commodity exactly for this reason are warehouses.

In fact, one professional has stated that large warehouses are suddenly the hot item to purchase in the realm of commercial real estate. One real estate investment firm reports that the first six months of 2017 saw investment sales in the area of industrial real estate rise to a total of more than $23 billion -- an uptick of over 20 percent. In addition, over $12 billion in additional industrial real estate deals are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2017.

Now is the time to prepare for holiday co-parenting

This time last year, you may have been planning Thanksgiving dinner, gathering holiday decorations and perhaps even beginning your Christmas shopping. You may have reminded yourself of various traditions – a favorite holiday movie to watch as a family, stringing popcorn for the tree or driving around town to look at holiday lights – and eagerly anticipated sharing them with your children again this season.

A lot has changed in just one year. If this is your first holiday season since the divorce, you may be unsure how to manage, especially when it comes to those holiday traditions you expected to share with your children for years to come. However, there are some things you can do to make the holidays joyful and memorable with some planning and a spirit of cooperation with your ex-spouse.

How to discuss a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse

Do you keep an umbrella in your car? Do you buy extra batteries for your flashlight? Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen? Do you have a will? If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably the kind of person who likes to be prepared. Of course, you really don't want the weather to turn bad, the lights to go out or the kitchen to catch fire. You certainly don't want to die anytime soon, but planning ahead, just in case, is important to you.

You may feel the same way about your marriage, which is why you want to discuss a prenuptial agreement with your intended. As sensible as the idea sounds to you, you are not alone if you dread approaching the subject with your soon-to-be. Nevertheless, many in your position have found that bearing the awkwardness was worth it in the end.

What remedies are there if a contract is breached in Tennessee?

Business dealings take place every day across Tennessee, and are often much more complex than a mere smile and handshake. Detailed contracts are drafted that aim to account for every contingency and ensure each side is getting what they want out of the bargain. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect society, and contractual disputes still occur, even with the most well-drawn documents.

When a person does not perform his or her obligations per the terms of the contract, that person has breached the contract. The injured party in a breach of contract case can seek three types of remedies: damages, specific performance or cancellation and restitution.

We help those in Tennessee undertaking business transactions

As some people in the business world may say, "You've got to spend money to make money." And, in fact, the strength of the economy in Tennessee is in part dependent upon people being able to obtain business loans. The lending of money allows businesses to grow and thrive, so that they not only ultimately pay back the loan plus interest, but also increase their own profits.

That being said, these days the business world is often unpredictable. Therefore, business owners will pay scrupulous attention to their business strategies so they can be proactive and ready for any situation. In the end, it is important for businesses to develop a strong business strategy that also minimizes its exposure to any possible risks.

Scope of what constitutes sexual harassment may surprise some

News headlines across the nation seem to be filled with stories of sexual harassment in the workplace, particularly those in high-profile industries and businesses. Of course, sexual harassment can occur in any workplace no matter how big or small. Employees in Jackson may even know of someone who has been sexually harassed in the workplace, or they may even have been victims of sexual harassment themselves. That being said, many people may have misconceptions about what constitutes sexual harassment. This post will attempt to shed some light on what sexual harassment in the workplace looks like, and some people might be surprised at the scope of the situation.

First of all, not all victims of sexual harassment are women. Men can also be victims of sexual harassment. Similarly, not all harassers are men -- women can also commit acts of sexual harassment. Also, it is entirely possible for a man to sexually harass another man or for a woman to sexually harass another woman.

What are some steps that must be taken in real estate closings?

Many people in Tennessee dream of one day buying a home. However, before they become homeowners, they must go through the real estate closing process to complete the sale.

First, escrow will need to be opened. By having a neutral third party control the finances and documents involved in selling a home, it can ensure that no one takes advantage of either side. The party seeking to buy a home must also obtain a title search from a title officer, to ensure that no one else has a stake in the home. It may also be necessary to purchase title insurance. By doing so, if there is a cloud in the title it can be resolved before the sale is complete.

Can you afford the real cost of a DUI?

Don't drink and drive. You've likely heard this warning many times before, but now that you are dealing with an arrest for DUI, the gravity of your situation is likely becoming much clearer. Drunk driving is something law enforcement takes very seriously, and the officer who pulled you over was probably not willing to let you off easy, even if your blood alcohol level was low.

In addition to the embarrassment of being arrested, a DUI charge can put your whole life in limbo. You must put your plans on hold. Your job may be in jeopardy. The future is uncertain. However, you may never have considered the effect that a drunk driving arrest can have on your finances.

Utilizing a write-off when trying to recover debts

Financial institutions by nature take on a risk when issuing a loan, but most of the time this risk pays off when the borrower pays back the loan plus interest. In fact, loans like these, whether they are mortgages, a business loan or other type of loan, are an important part of the economy in Tennessee. However, when a borrower fails to pay back the loan, it is necessary for the lender to take steps to recover the debt.

For example, if a loan isn't paid back, the financial institution may be able to write off the loan, classifying it as a bad debt. Basically, through a write-off, the financial institution will claim the unpaid loan as an uncollectable loss when it files its taxes. This type of tactic lowers the financial institution's earnings, which in turn lowers the financial institution's overall tax liability. That being said, even if a financial institution writes off a debt, it can still take steps to collect on it. A write-off is just saying that the financial institution has not yet been able to collect on the debt.

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