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How to spot quid pro quo harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment is a serious legal issue that affects workplaces throughout the United States. Men and women in Tennessee have undoubtedly experienced it as they have fought to advance in their chosen professions. While sexual harassment can involve hostile work environments, crude comments and jokes and countless other offensive actions and behaviors, one type of sexual harassment can be a little more difficult to identify.

Quid pro quo harassment happens when a work benefit is conditioned on the fulfillment of a sexual request. For example, a supervisor may offer an employee a promotion if that employee agrees to go out on a date with the supervisor. If that employee rejects their supervisor and finds themselves demoted or even fired from their position, they may be a victim of quid pro quo harassment.

What remedies are available after a breach of contract?

Tennessee businesses thrive when the contracts they enter into are properly drafted, effectively executed and completely performed. That is to say, when contractual parties fulfill their obligations to each other and do what is expected of them under their agreements, they should all come out of their contractual relationships with what they want and need. In order to ensure that contracts meet these elements, businesses can work with business and contract attorneys who can support their contractual goals.

However, as readers likely know, not every contract that is created will be completed as intended. When a party fails in their duty to effectively perform under the terms of their agreement, they may commit a contractual breach. Contractual breaches can leave other parties with losses and other forms of harm that can impact the success of their businesses.

Just compensation is a key element of an eminent domain case

It is commonly held that a person cannot get something for nothing. The idea behind this concept is that everything has a cost - from what one gives in their personal relationships to what they literally pay when they choose to purchase a consumer good. All across Tennessee individuals make transactional decisions when they choose how to spend their time, energy and incomes.

To this end, when someone is forced to part with an item of value, they may expect to get something in return. Under the real estate doctrine of eminent domain, the government may not take a property owner's land without providing that person with just compensation for the taking. However, as readers of this legal blog may expect, a property owner and the government may have very different interpretations of what is "just" under this legal practice.

Your spouse's difficult personality can make divorce challenging

Along with others across the country, numerous Tennessee residents will find themselves facing divorce. You may have recently ended up in this predicament, and though you may feel some relief that you will no longer live in an unhappy or even hostile environment, you may have concerns about the divorce proceedings ahead.

These concerns may plague you because you know that your soon-to-be ex-spouse has a difficult personality. This issue may have even been the leading contributor for your wanting to end the relationship. Even though you may feel as if taking a non-confrontational approach to the case would be best, your spouse may have other ideas in mind.

What are trade secrets?

There are dozens of restaurants where Tennessee residents can be served a hamburger and fries, but individual readers of this blog may each have their own favorite place to pick up this classic mealtime combination. Whether it is a special seasoning that they use on their burgers or a sauce that is offered on the side, distinctive elements are important to businesses so that they can stand out from their competitors. When a business establishes a unique element to their products that makes them distinguishable from those of their rivals that element may be considered a trade secret.

Trade secrets are often critical to the success of businesses. Without their trade secrets, businesses may struggle to hold themselves out as different from similarly situated entities. As such, a business may suffer serious harm if its trade secrets are made public and their competitors learn of them.

Zoning and its impact on land use rights

Zoning is a complex real estate topic that can have serious repercussions on how individuals may use the land that they purchase. In Jackson and communities all throughout Tennessee, property owners' rights are impacted by the zoning regulations that attach to their parcels. Although this post will provide a general overview of what zoning is, it will not provide its readers with any legal advice. Consultation with an attorney should sought by anyone with case-specific questions.

Communities like Jackson divide their land up into different zoning classifications. These zones represent different possible land uses, from residential use to commercial use to agricultural use. Generally, similarly classified zones are close to each other so that similarly used parcels are in the same areas. Without zoning, a large manufacturer may open new operations in the middle of a housing development, thus disrupting families, creating traffic and causing pollution to settle into the air.

Older worker loses job in possible case of retaliation

Not long ago this Tennessee legal blog discussed the ever-present problem of age discrimination in American workplaces. Unlike in other cultures, where older individuals are valued for their knowledge and experience, in the United States older workers are often looked at as liabilities and relics of a previous time. Not long ago a 70-year-old man was fired from a company where he had worked for 50 years.

The man began working for the toy maker, Mattel, in 1968. Over time he rose through the ranks to a supervisor position. In the years before his termination the company began laying off employees, and noticeably many older employees. In 2018, the man was informed that co-workers had alleged that he had sexually harassed them.

What provisions must be included in an eviction notice?

Landlords in Jackson who want to evict a tenant cannot simply kick the tenant off their property. There is a legal eviction process that must be followed. Madison County is subject to the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, which dictates how a tenant must be notified of the eviction, among other requirements. These requirements must be met for the eviction to be lawful.

Under the URLTA landlords must provide tenants who have not met their rent obligations or in some other way violated their lease with a 30-day notice of eviction. This notice must include how much the tenant owes in rent or which part of the lease was violated. The notice must also state that the tenant has 14 days to remedy the breach. If the tenant does not remedy the breach, then the notice must inform the tenant that the lease will be terminated in 30 days, and the landlord will pursue eviction.

Poll shows workplace discrimination based on age is an issue

While age discrimination is against the law, it still happens in Tennessee workplaces far too often. Instead of being respected for their years of knowledge and experience, older Americans may suddenly be considered out of touch with current practices, and thus are passed up for promotions or even fired. In other situations of age discrimination, an employer who wants to slash the budget may fire or refuse to hire an older employee, in preference for a younger employee who likely will not be paid as much as the older employee.

According to one poll, approximately 50 percent of respondents in America believed that age discrimination does take place. However, the poll found that 60 percent of respondents age 60 and up reported believing that older people were often or always discriminated against in the workplace. Only 43 percent of respondents under age 45 said the same. Specifically, one-tenth of respondents age 60 and up reported being held back at work due to age discrimination. One-fifth of respondents age 45 and up said the same.

Business formation takes work from the start

Starting a small business can have many ups and downs. You may believe that you have a business idea that is well worth the effort you will need to put into getting your company off the ground, but even with drive and confidence, the journey can be a bumpy one.

Fortunately, you can put your best foot forward when working on business formation. Understanding various areas of business and the industry you want to enter could help you determine your available options for giving your business the best chance possible.

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