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Recovering Compensation After Motor Vehicle Accidents

When accidents involving motor vehicle occur, those impacted are often left to cope with the resulting physical, personal and financial costs.

At Spragins, Barnett & Cobb, PLC, we believe that fighting to help victims of motor vehicle accidents recover compensation is about more than just recovering a certain dollar amount — it’s about helping individuals regain control over their lives and futures.

We represent personal injury victims who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bus accidents

In the wake of a motor vehicle accident, an individual must not only attempt to cope with and overcome physical pain, but also significant financial pains associated with vehicle repair costs, medical bills and lost wages. While many assume that their insurance company will cover or reimburse for these expenses, in reality insurance providers are often more concerned about maximizing profits and routinely attempt to reject or settle claims for a low amount.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who fight to recover the maximum amount of compensation for motor vehicle accident victims. In cases where it benefits clients, we don’t hesitate to take a case to trial.

Advocating For Truck Accident Victims

Situated between the metropolitan hubs of Memphis and Nashville, our Jackson law firm is surrounded by heavily-traveled roadways, including Interstate 40 and U.S. Highways 45, 70 and 412. These roadways serve as busy travel routes for many local, state and national commercial trucking companies.

When large trucks are involved in accidents with personal vehicles, occupants in those smaller vehicles frequently suffer devastating injuries. Often, these types of accidents and cases are complex with multiple contributing factors.

Our attorneys apply their deep knowledge of the trucking industry with thorough investigative techniques to benefit clients.

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