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Understanding the protections provided to military workers under USERRA

As a nation, we are eternally grateful to those brave men and women who have served or are currently serving in our nation's armed forces. As a sign of this gratitude, our nation is proud to provide veterans with access to healthcare, education and a host of other benefits, and to extend certain legal protections to those individuals who are currently serving.

By way of example, consider the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, otherwise known as USERRA, a federal law designed to extend re-employment rights to those returning from military leave.

Struggling with how to tell your kids you're getting divorced?

Like most Tennessee parents, you obviously want what's best for your children. It's quite the challenge to parent in the modern world at times. Kids face all sorts of problems as they grow and mature, from peer-related issues at school to temptations to try drugs, alcohol and/or sexual-related activities at shockingly young ages. The last thing you want to be to your children is a source of turmoil. Perhaps that's why you're having a difficult time figuring out how to tell them you've decided to divorce.

Many children come from single-parent households. In fact, tremendous resources exist nowadays to help parents and children navigate the process of divorce in order to keep stress levels to a minimum and adapt to their new lifestyles in as positive a manner as possible.

Some points for small business owners to keep in mind about commercial leases

Whether you are an established small business or a fledgling operation looking to make your mark, there will invariably come a point when you need to consider commercial space. For those in the former category, this might mean relocating to a more suitable location, while for those in the latter category, it might mean setting up shop in an area favored by a target market.

Regardless of which category an entity falls under, the simple reality is that the acquisition of commercial space will more than likely involve the need to execute a lease. While this might seem like a simple enough exercise, the reality is there are many issues to be considered before signing on the dotted line.

Decisions, decisions: Should you buy or lease business equipment?

As we've discussed in previous posts, once an entrepreneur has laid the foundation for their new operation -- selecting an entity, drafting a business plan, hiring employees, etc. -- there is still a significant amount of work that needs to be completed. For example, office or commercial space will need to be found, and new business equipment secured.

Regarding this last point, it's not just desks, chairs and office supplies that will need to be secured, but also major expenses such as computers, specialized machinery or even vehicles. This, in turn, raises the question of whether the entrepreneur would be better off leasing or purchasing this type of business equipment.

Small business owners must always be mindful of federal, state discrimination laws

It goes without saying that when an individual makes the monumental decision to start a small business, he or she will be confronted a host of vital tasks that must be accomplished in the short-term. Indeed, commercial space must be purchased or leased, shelves stocked with the necessary inventory, business formation documents executed and employees hired.

It's important to understand, however, that even when all these tasks are completed and the individual finally opens their doors to customers, their work is by no means over. That's because in addition to managing operations and, of course, maintaining profitability, they must ensure they are protecting themselves from a legal perspective.

Report: Tennessee number one for job growth in small businesses

It's understandable why people in certain regions of the nation would prefer to avoid any and all discussions concerning the Great Recession, which took an incredible toll on not just homeowners, but employers and employees alike. However, the chances of encountering such reticence are considerably less here in Tennessee, which not only weathered the economic storm remarkably well, but has since seen considerable growth.

In case you have a hard time believing this, consider a recently released report on small business growth by one of the largest payroll processors in the U.S.

The four most important estate planning documents

Securing your estate for your descendants is one of the most important legal steps you will ever take in your life. So how do you plan to go about it? Simply having a last will and testament document is not enough to have a secure estate plan. Here are four documents that your plan needs which will determine what happens to your estate after you pass away:

Power of Attorney

  • This document answers the question of what happens when you are unable to handle your own affairs. A general durable power of attorney drawn up in a person's name ensures that the person is able to act on your behalf in the eyes of the law. Paying your bills, filing your tax returns and the general execution of all your financial matters can be done by the person you authorize in this document. 

Probate preview: What is the process all about?

Unless your loved ones take steps to avoid the probate process while creating their estate plans, you will likely find yourself going through such legal proceedings after their deaths. If a loved one appointed you executor of the estate, you may have a bigger role to play in the proceedings, but nonetheless, you may find yourself involved if you stand to inherit any property or face any other connection to the estate.

Hard money lending in the residential real estate sector

Most Tennessee home buyers seek a conventional loan based on their credit rating, income and down payment, but there are situations where they may turn to a hard money lender. The terms of hard money loans are generally far shorter than those of traditional mortgages, and this kind of financing could be useful for home buyers as well as for people who plan on selling their homes quickly.

Unlike conforming FHA and VA loan underwriters, hard money lenders do not take income, employment history or credit ratings into account when assessing a loan application. Hard money loans are based on the value of the property involved, and this can be a challenge as hard money lenders generally offer loans across the country and may not be familiar with local market trends.

What actions can you take against sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment, whether overt or subtle, is behavior that should not be tolerated in the workplace. Many victims, however, feel powerless to speak up against these offensive actions, so they do nothing.

Instead, those who have endured harassment should realize that they have rights - particularly the right to a safe work environment. If you have been sexually harassed, there are informal and formal actions you can take to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions.

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