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Banks might prefer short sales over foreclosure

When a person is underwater on their mortgage, and is not making the payments they owe, banks will want to make sure they get what they are due. This means that a bank could foreclose upon the property or the property owners might pursue a short sale. There are various reasons why sometimes accepting a short sale offer is better for the bank than pursuing a foreclosure.

Can at-will employees be retaliated against at work?

If a Tennessee employee is not a party to a work contract, they are an "at-will" employee. This means that their employer has the legal right to fire the employee for any reason or for no reason at all. Conversely, the employee has the legal right to quit for any reason or for no reason at all.

Contract disputes can include allegations of breach

When two businesses in Tennessee enter into a contract, they naturally expect that they will both follow through on their obligations under the contract. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen, and contractual disputes arise. Sometimes a party fails to fulfill part or all of what they promised to per the terms of the agreement. When that happens, this is referred to as a "breach of contract," and it may form the basis of a lawsuit.

Business disputes in Tennessee can be legally complex

Business owners in Tennessee, whether they own and operate a fledgling small business or whether they are the head of a major corporation all have their eyes on making their businesses as profitable as possible. This involves a lot of legal transactions -- from sales and purchases, to employee contracts, to mergers and acquisitions. Any of these transactions can be very legally complex. Moreover, there are many state and federal regulations businesses must follow in Tennessee.

Do you know what happens in the probate process?

When a loved one passes away, it is the responsibility of those left behind to settle the estate and deal appropriately with all assets. The process of settling an estate and transferring wealth is not easy, and family members may be unsure of how to proceed. If you find yourself in this situation, it might be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the probate process.

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