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Key provisions to include in a real estate contract

Purchasing real estate in Tennessee, whether it is your first home, an investment property or commercial property, is essentially a legal transaction. One part of the transaction is the execution of a purchase contract. The following are some provisions that can be included in a well-rounded purchase contract.

Who can take time off work via the Family and Medical Leave Act?

No one in Tennessee anticipates being struck with a serious illness or having a loved one experience one. When this happens, a worker may need to take an extended leave from work. If they are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act, they may be able to take up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave without having to fear losing their job or being demoted.

How do foreclosures in Tennessee generally proceed?

Lenders in Tennessee issue mortgages to homeowners with the expectation that the home loan will be paid back on time with interest. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not meet this obligation. When a lender is not receiving what they are due on a mortgage they issued, they may need to initiate foreclosure proceedings.

Tennessee businesses may benefit from mediation or arbitration

There are many different types of disputes a business in Tennessee could have with employees or other businesses. It may seem like the only way to resolve these disputes is through litigation. However, before resorting to filing a lawsuit, businesses may want to consider some alternatives to litigation: mediation and arbitration.

What must a landlord in Jackson do to evict a tenant?

Sometimes, a tenant violates their lease with the landlord, forcing the landlord to take legal action. Madison County is subject to the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. This act lays out the process landlords in Jackson must follow to evict a tenant.

What happens to your business in a divorce?

Business owners must have keen insight into the future. This is important for projecting sales, anticipating the reception of a new product and adjusting your marketing approach, among other reasons. However, many business owners fail to use that insight when it comes to the ways their marriages may affect their business, particularly when the marriages end.

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