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August 2018 Archives

Keeping up with changes in employment law

Workplace regulations and policies are posing issues for both employers and workers, especially when they are breached. For example, the #metoo movement has put sexual harassment in the workplace in the limelight. Employers who fail to have effective policies to prevent sexual harassment or properly address it can find themselves entangled in a legal battle with a harassed employee.

MoviePass faces business litigation brought by shareholders

The company MoviePass shot up in popularity among moviegoers over the past year, but it has since seen its success come tumbling down. MoviePass is a subscription service in which patrons in Tennessee and across the nation were able to pay a monthly fee and use an app on their mobile phone to check into one movie theater per day. However, the company took a hit when it imposed a limit of three movies per subscriber each month. In addition to its financial losses, the parent company of MoviePass is also in legal hot water.

Avoid financial mistakes during divorce

Divorce is the breaking of a contract, although to you, it may seem much more personal. Dividing your things from your partner's may feel symbolic of the breaking of promises and plans. Your emotions are high and may swing between anger, grief and everywhere in between.

State and federal law address age discrimination

Older adults have much to contribute to the workplace. They have years of experience that they can use to make informed decisions on behalf of the company. They can serve as mentors to younger employees. Moreover, they are just as capable at adapting to changes in the workplace as younger employees. However, sometimes an older worker is labeled a "dinosaur" with the often untrue perception that their opinions are out-of-date or they cannot keep up with changes in technology. In certain cases, if an employee is treated less favorably due to their age, this could constitute age discrimination.

Could your loved one benefit from a special needs trust?

Estate planning can be a complex process, especially if you have loved ones with specific needs you wish to address in your estate plan. For some Tennessee individuals, a simple will is sufficient to effectively deal with their estates after their passing, but that may not be the case for you. You may need additional tools to complete your estate plan.

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