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Choosing a business name can be more complicated than expected

Over the years, you may have considered starting your own business many times. However, something was always holding you back. The timing may have been off, or you may not have had the financial security to take such a risk. You may have experienced an unplanned life event like a serious medical issue or, on a more positive note, the birth of a child. Nonetheless, you now feel that the time is right to start your company.

What is eminent domain?

The basis for a government taking is found in the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Tennessee residents may know it as the "Takings Clause." This clause in the Bill of Rights ensures that private citizens cannot have their land taken from them by the government without also receiving just compensation for their losses.

Acceleration after default on a home mortgage

Home ownership is a goal of many Jackson residents, though few individuals can purchase real property outright without the help of loans. Financial loans that allow individuals to buy residential properties are mortgages, and mortgages are often held by financial institutions like banks. When individuals stay current on their mortgage payments they, over time, chip away at the obligation that they owe to their mortgage holder. If a payer fails to make payments and goes into default, their mortgage holder may choose to foreclose on their home.

Protecting the property rights of Tennessee residents

One of the biggest investments that a Jackson resident makes during their lifetime is buying a home. When they buy a lot on which to build their dream home or acquire land where they plan to erect the building for their business, they may take on a mortgage or other significant loan that must be paid back. To this end, ensuring that property owners understand their rights and responsibilities regarding their land is imperative to protecting their ownership interests.

What is wage theft?

It is important for many Tennessee residents to earn a solid income to support their families. Without an income, a person may be unable to feed their children, keep a roof over their head, or provide them with other important, necessary things. Many people budget their expenditures based on their incomes to ensure that their needs do not exceed their means.

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