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Who has the burden of proving retaliation?

Most people do not go to work in the morning thinking, "Today is the day I'm going to be fired." Of course, sometimes employees make mistakes or break workplace policies, leading to a discharge, but other times a person's discharge can come as a complete surprise. Tennessee residents who find themselves in such predicaments may wonder what their legal rights are.

Name 'Mountain Dew' is the subject of ongoing business litigation

Making "moonshine" is an important part of the history and culture of many areas in the Appalachian region, including Tennessee. Distilleries in the state will want to name their products in a way that encourages people to buy the product, but some may find some roadblocks along the way.

Real estate transactions in Tennessee have many legal components

Deciding to purchase a home or commercial building in Tennessee can be a huge step in a person's life. After all, individuals looking to become homeowners have often worked hard to save a down payment with the dream that one day they'll own a piece of property to do with what they wish, and businesses looking to build or purchase their own premises do so with the intention that owning real estate will be better for their enterprise than renting.

Tennessee businesses may face commercial disparagement

The business world in Tennessee can be cut-throat at times, but in general businesses act with integrity. Unfortunately, there will be those who will intentionally spread false information about a business, in order to prevent a third business from engaging in business deals or other commercial practices with that business, in order to cause that business to suffer financial losses. Depending on the circumstances, such unfair business practices could be considered commercial disparagement.

Are you prepared for driving in heavy wind and rain?

As you drive your vehicle to your intended destinations, you may not always think of every driving safety tip you have come across. After all, you consider yourself a fairly good driver and know that you have the skills necessary to avoid major hazards on Tennessee roads. However, certain conditions may present the need to remember safety tips.

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