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Understanding deceptive trade practices

Selling goods can be a complex process, as society is compelled to purchase goods based on how well a company advertises for it. While businesses in Tennessee and elsewhere take steps to ensure their business is profitable, certain conduct could raise a red flag.

Are you feeling indecisive over whether to divorce?

You may have had inklings lately that your marriage would never get back to the happy times you had in the beginning. Maybe you and your spouse simply fight far too often, or maybe you suspect that your spouse is ready to move on to another relationship. Perhaps you are the one who is thinking about moving on. Whatever the reason, you have had the idea of divorce on your mind more often lately.

Protecting employee rights after a wrongful termination

Securing employment is important to residents in Tennessee and elsewhere. This not only gives and individual purpose, but it also helps one establish a reliable income to address living costs and to accumulate savings and retirement. Unfortunately, a person could experience periods of unemployment. A business could downsize, a company could shut down, an employee could seek new opportunities or there could be a justifiable reason to terminate an employee. Nonetheless, an employee could suffer unemployment because they were wrongfully terminated.

What is eminent domain?

Owning property may feel like more of a privilege, as it takes time and money to obtain real property; however, the ownership of real estate is a right. Residents in Tennessee have the right to life, liberty and property without unreasonable government interference.

Guiding you through employment law issues

When an employment law issue arises, it can be challenging to navigate, as there are likely many working parts. There are federal and state laws and regulations, and often local ordinances controlling employment disputes, in addition to the details of the employment agreements involved. Thus, it is imperative that employers understand what steps they can take to protect the company while also resolving these matters the best way possible.

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