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Entrepreneurs have choices when starting a business

Many people in Tennessee have an entrepreneurial spirit, and may wish to leave the rat-race behind and start up their own small business. While being a small business owner can be highly satisfying, it is important that those who wish to start a small business do their research and choose the business type that will best suit their needs.

What duties does a landlord in Tennessee have?

Many people in Tennessee rent a home, rather than owning one. Also, sometimes it makes more financial sense for a business to rent its premises rather than purchasing a building. Moreover, renting out a house, an apartment complex or a building can be a lucrative endeavor for Tennessee landlords. However, landlords in the state do have legal duties with which they must comply.

Criminal charges may affect your ability to attend college

When you think back to the day you got arrested, you may recall that things had been going quite well up that point; in fact, you were even preparing to apply to several colleges in Tennessee and beyond in the near future. The incident that led to your arrest has caused you to rethink some things although you'd still like to go to school once you rectify your current situation and get things back on track.

We assist businesses in Tennessee that are facing a lawsuit

As stores in Tennessee compete against each other to offer the best deals this holiday season, to issues such as regulatory investigations, unfair competition, breached contracts, copyright issues and shareholder disputes, the business climate these days is more complicated than ever. Moreover, there are a bevy of regulatory and compliance rules that seem to get bigger and bigger every day. Businesses could end up spending a lot of their hard-earned money and precious time trying to deal with these issues themselves.

FMLA provides workers in Tennessee with important protections

Workers in Tennessee may someday find that they or a family member must take an extended leave from work due to a pregnancy, illness or injury. They may have heard of the Family Medical Leave Act, but they may not be so sure who is covered by it and what it does. The following post is meant to provide readers with more information about FMLA. However, those with specific questions are encouraged to bring the matter up to an attorney who can assess their personal situation.

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