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December 2019 Archives

How can a property manager address eminent domain?

Owning property is a major endeavor for anyone, whether it is a personal home or property that they manage for leasing purposes. One thing is certain, though: no matter the property type or the length of ownership, a property owner intends to own their real estate property until it is sold or passes on to their heirs or beneficiaries after their passing. Unfortunately, there are times when property can be taken away. While many might be thinking of the foreclosure process for missed mortgage payments, what is being referred to is the power of the government to take private property.

Will 2020 be the year you start a business?

As the new year quickly approaches, you may be ready to make some changes in your life. The start of 2020 may be the right time for you to take steps to achieve a dream you have contemplated for some time but never acted on: starting your own Tennessee business. You may have had other catalysts in your life pushing you in this direction, but you feel that a new year could mean a new career, and you are ready to get started.

Taking intermittent FMLA leave

There are certain life events that impact a person's ability to work. Some of these are joyous events, like welcoming a new baby into his or her life. Other events are not so positive, such as a diagnosis of a serious illness, an injury caused by an accident, or the need to care for an ill loved one. Because these life events can happen suddenly, employees often require time off from work at a moment's notice. With the help of the Family and Medical Leave Act, employees are able to take a set amount of time off from work without the fear of losing their job during their time away.

How can you protect a trade secret?

What makes a business unique or successful is often related to a secret recipe, special component part, or even a method for making a product or certain part. These are known as trade secrets, and if others knew them, it is possible that a business would not be successful. Thus, it is important that businesses in Tennessee and elsewhere understand what they can do to protect this information.

The most expensive legacy property is up for sale in Tennessee

Buying and selling property is a major transaction, especially when it comes to real property. Whether it is land or a dwelling, purchasing property creates a business relationship between a buyer and seller. And like any business relationship, issues or disputes could arise. For some, this could mean a dispute over certain terms, such as value.

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