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What are the most common types of discrimination claims?

Workplace discrimination takes a lot of different forms. While it may be difficult to determine what the most common type of discrimination is, you can look at the most common claims. This gives some evidence of what types of discrimination happen most often and impact American workers.

Why would people waive a mortgage contingency?

A mortgage contingency is essentially a way for a buyer to get out of an offer with no penalty if they decide that they do not want to buy the property. This is important because the seller may reject other offers to accept the one they like. Should that buyer back out, it can harm the seller financially.

Taking steps to challenge-proof your estate plan

The last thing you may want is to leave behind a situation that will fuel a dispute among your children or other heirs. Perhaps your family dynamic is already volatile, and you fear that some of the decisions you have made for the distribution of your assets may spark a battle in which there will be no real winners.

The 4 types of alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is an increasingly popular alternative to litigation in the context of business disputes. ADR facilitates discussions around disputes and accusations involving businesses. Instead of focusing on court-based resolutions to disputes, where conditions can be stressful, toxic, and drawn-out, ADR tries to find an efficient way for all parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Reporting wage and hour violations

Working to live is not an uncommon concept. Many workers in Tennessee and elsewhere rely on their job to make ends meet. In fact, some individuals put forth efforts to work overtime just so they can make more money each pay period. However, for some, this may not appear to be much more because an employer is not providing them with, "time and a half," which is afforded to them through federal regulations for overtime pay. In these matters, it may be possible to report such a situation.

Guiding you through banking and business transaction issues

In order for a healthy state and national economy, business transactions must occur. While many of these are positive and lucrative transactions, some businesses and individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere encounter issues when it comes to making a purchase or going through the borrowing or lending process. Whether it is minimal or major, there are always risks when a business transaction occurs, making it imperative that individuals and businesses understand how to protect themselves while also maximizing their profits.

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