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What is the government's power of eminent domain?

Sometimes the United States government needs to take a person's land or other private property so the property can be used for a public purpose. In exchange for doing so, the government will pay the property owner just compensation. The government's power to take land is called the power of eminent domain, and it can be found in the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It is important for property owners in Tennessee and elsewhere to have a basic understanding of this power and what their rights are when faced with it.

Unlawful age discrimination can occur in Tennessee workplaces

Workers with many years of job experience can be a valuable asset to any Tennessee business. They have seen many situations that can arise in the course of their job duties, and they know how to handle them. In addition, they can often serve as mentors to younger workers. However, older workers are sometimes seen as "dinosaurs" who are out-of-touch with technology or other workplace advancements. Thus, workers seeking a promotion or job-seekers seeking employment may be passed up due to their age.

Tennessee businesses can benefit from an exit strategy

Many entrepreneurs in Tennessee looking to start their own small business will first establish a business plan. A business plan can address many important topics regarding how the business will be run and what role the owner will play in it. This can be important not just for the day-to-day operations of the business but also to outline the direction of the business in the future.

Can business litigation be avoided through a release agreement?

People in Tennessee who have gone indoor skydiving, taken their children to trampoline parks or who have participated in recreational sports may have signed an agreement to not hold the facility liable if they are injured on the premises. Known as a "release" or "hold harmless" agreement, these documents may contain language that the participant assumes the risk that an injury might occur. However, are such agreements enforceable should there be a contractual dispute?

What steps should you take before closing on a home?

You have finally found the home you have been looking for. More than likely, the process has been a long one that involved visiting many locations, going through financial steps, possibly facing some disappointments and other sometimes-stressful issues. However, you now feel excited about the venture ahead, which is closing on your new home.

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