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May 2019 Archives

Poll shows workplace discrimination based on age is an issue

While age discrimination is against the law, it still happens in Tennessee workplaces far too often. Instead of being respected for their years of knowledge and experience, older Americans may suddenly be considered out of touch with current practices, and thus are passed up for promotions or even fired. In other situations of age discrimination, an employer who wants to slash the budget may fire or refuse to hire an older employee, in preference for a younger employee who likely will not be paid as much as the older employee.

Business formation takes work from the start

Starting a small business can have many ups and downs. You may believe that you have a business idea that is well worth the effort you will need to put into getting your company off the ground, but even with drive and confidence, the journey can be a bumpy one.

Supreme Court weighs in on Apple antitrust violation suit

It's almost hard to imagine how we managed our daily lives without smartphones, and a critical player in the advent of smartphones was Apple. Almost everyone in Tennessee has either used the Apple Store to purchase an app for their smartphone or they know someone who has. However, the tech giant is facing legal troubles of its own in the form of a class action lawsuit alleging antitrust violations.

What terms should you include in a real estate purchase contract?

Buying a home is exciting, especially for first time homeowners. However, there are legal aspects to purchasing a home in Tennessee, including the execution of a real estate purchase contract. This is the contract that is drafted when the buyer makes an offer on the property they wish to purchase. The following are some provisions that homebuyers may want to make sure they include in their real estate purchase contract.

We handle employment law cases in Tennessee

Running a business in Tennessee can be a satisfying endeavor, but sometimes issues come up between employers and employees that cause friction, especially if the issue claims one party violated the other party's legal rights. Employers can face serious financial consequences if they are held liable for violating an employee's rights, and employees can face emotional trauma and financial damages if their rights are violated in the workplace. It's a situation no one wants to find themselves in.

Federal law addresses antitrust violations by businesses

Federal antitrust laws were created to preserve fair competition in the marketplace across the nation, including right here in Tennessee. When there is open competition, prices of products will go down, higher quality goods and services will be offered, consumers will have more choices when it comes to purchasing goods or services and all-in-all there will be more innovation in the marketplace. In general, there are three laws that form the basis of antitrust regulation in the U.S.: The Sherman Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Act.

Will you be able to live in the family home after your divorce?

What's going to happen to your stuff after divorce? If you are like many people facing the end of your marriage, you probably have grave concerns about how this process will affect your financial well-being and property rights. What's going to happen to your family home? Will you be able to afford staying there?

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