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Tennessee businesses do not have to handle legal disputes alone

Tennessee is home to many businesses from small sole proprietorships to large conglomerates. Running a business is no easy matter, but many successful entrepreneurs in Tennessee work hard to see their enterprise thrive. However, no matter how much success a business sees, it is inevitable that legal problems will arise.

How do mergers differ from acquisitions in Tennessee?

Mergers and acquisitions refer to a variety of legal transactions two businesses undertake to consolidate their companies or assets. A successful merger or acquisition can be financially beneficial to both businesses. It is important for businesses in Tennessee to learn the difference between a merger and acquisition, so they can determine which option is right for them.

Do you want to grow your family through stepparent adoption?

Adoption is a beautiful way for a family to grow, and sometimes, a family would like to accomplish this through stepparent adoption. It may seem natural to expand your Tennessee family by legalizing a strong relationship that already exists between a stepparent and children, but it can be a complex process. If this is something you would like for your family, it can be helpful to learn as much as possible about the process.

Workplace discrimination and religion

A person's religious beliefs can be a part of their identity. For some in Tennessee, their religious practices are of paramount importance. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects people working in the private sector from discrimination in the workplace based on religion. The courts have determined that there are numerous types of discrimination that are illegal. Specifically, these include fostering a hostile work environment, disparate impact discrimination and disparate treatment discrimination.

Fence disputes can lead to legal issues in Tennessee

"Good fences make good neighbors" is how the old adage goes. Many residents of Tennessee mark off the property lines around their home with a fence. While generally this is a good way to ensure privacy, there may come times when neighbors disagree about where the property line lies. When it comes to disputed boundaries, the courts will consider the following factors in order of importance.

What constitutes 'tortious interference' in Tennessee?

The business world can be cut-throat at times, but for the most part business people in Tennessee engage in activities that, while competitive, are still lawful. However, sometimes a person will take this competition too far, and engage in interference with business relationships and contracts. Also known as "tortious interference" this takes place when one party, with the intention of causing another party financial damage, interferes with business relationships or contracts that party has with a third party.

Hypovolemic shock after an injury-causing accident

Despite the increasing technology and safety designs in modern vehicles, having an accident still places you at risk of injury. Because of the heightened adrenaline and anxiety that often accompanies a crash, especially one involving a tractor-trailer or other large vehicle, you may not be aware of your injuries until significant time has passed. This could be dangerous if you have an injury that could become progressively worse, such as an internal injury or one that is bleeding badly.

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