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Employment law disputes can be complex matters

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Employment Law

Workers and employers in Jackson, Tennessee, have a lot at stake when an employment dispute arises. Some disputes can be resolved internally, utilizing the business’s dispute resolution process. However, sometimes this doesn’t work and either the employer or the worker wants to file a lawsuit based on an employment dispute.

The world of employment disputes has changed. Laws regarding employment have undergone transformations lately that significantly affect the rights of both workers and employers. Employers may need to update their employee handbooks to make sure that they are legally sound. And, as workers gain more protection under the law, should they suffer damages due to their employer’s violation of the law, it may serve as the basis for legal action.

Whether it is a workplace discrimination claim, a wage and hour violation, a whistleblower lawsuit or any other type of business dispute, it is important that both sides understand their legal rights and responsibilities. Employers need to be proactive in order to protect their financial status and viability. Employees do not have to shy away from asserting the rights afforded to them under the law.

At our law firm, we have assisted both employers and employees in business disputes. We know that a lawsuit waged against a small business can affect that business’ viability, and that prevailing in a lawsuit could make or break whether a small business will be able to continue its operations. We also know that when a worker’s rights are violated, it can affect the worker financially, professionally and personally. Employment law can be a complex topic, so those who are facing a business dispute may want to make sure they fully understand how the law applies to the facts of their case, so they can make informed decisions.