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Your spouse’s difficult personality can make divorce challenging

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Along with others across the country, numerous Tennessee residents will find themselves facing divorce. You may have recently ended up in this predicament, and though you may feel some relief that you will no longer live in an unhappy or even hostile environment, you may have concerns about the divorce proceedings ahead.

These concerns may plague you because you know that your soon-to-be ex-spouse has a difficult personality. This issue may have even been the leading contributor for your wanting to end the relationship. Even though you may feel as if taking a non-confrontational approach to the case would be best, your spouse may have other ideas in mind.

Difficult personality types

Unfortunately, people with certain personality types can often feel the need to create unnecessary drama and conflict, especially during major events like a divorce. If your spouse has one of the following personalities, you may be in for a difficult process:

  • The control freak: Your spouse may have constantly tried to tell you what to do and tried to control the marriage as much as possible. He or she may have seen your lack of control as a shortcoming and could potentially bring evidence of that claim to court during your divorce.
  • The avenger: This type of personality is particularly difficult because the person not only wants to ensure that he or she gets the best out of the divorce but also that you end up feeling bad about the outcomes.
  • The narcissist: Someone with a narcissistic personality is self-centered and only looks out for him or herself. As a result, your spouse may refuse to negotiate with the intention of even partially meeting your needs because this person only wants what will work out best for him or her.
  • The victim: A person with a victim mentality may act from the position that you have mistreated and wronged him or her, especially with your desire to divorce. Your spouse could claim that you are not a fit parent or utilize this feeling of victimization in efforts to work toward other outcomes.

Any of these personality types could make your divorce case immensely difficult. Still, you do not want to simply let your spouse take the reins and get what he or she wants from the legal proceedings. You need to focus on your current and future needs and desires during this time. Working with a Tennessee family law attorney could help you deal with the difficult personality of your soon-to-be ex and with your divorce overall.