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Remedies for boundary line disputes

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Real Estate

A Tennessee resident may save money for much of their life to purchase a parcel of property. For many, owning property is a major life goal, a financial investment, and an opportunity to have something of value to pass on to their kids. A lot of planning can go into the property buying process, and when individuals who hope to buy property decide to move forward with their plans, they may wish to consult with real estate attorneys.

One thing that a real estate attorney may be able to do for their client is help them clear up any boundary disputes that they may have with their neighbors. A boundary line is the place where two or more separate parcels come together, and, often, neighbors have conflicts over where one parcel ends and the next begins. In some cases, boundary line disputes can be cleared up by going back to the properties’ original surveys, but this is not always helpful.

Individuals can have new surveys done of their properties, or they may wish to file quiet title actions to have the courts sort out where their properties actually extend. In some cases, neighbors may come to an agreement over where their boundaries should lie; as in all legal matters, the support of attorneys can help individuals facing boundary disputes formalize their outcomes so that the problems do not come up again.

Boundary lines are important to property owners and can come into dispute when neighbors have disagreements about property maintenance, fencing, and other issues. Remedies are available to individuals who wish to sort out their boundary line conflicts and find clarity regarding where their properties extend.