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Is your employer committing Medicare fraud?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Firm News

You love your job and you do it right, but you’ve got some growing concerns that the medical practice that employs you isn’t playing by the rules. You’ve started noticing things that are making you concerned that something illegal is happening — and you don’t want to be involved.

It may be time to consider blowing the whistle on your employer. How can you tell if your suspicions are correct? Signs of medical billing fraud include the following:

  • Preference is given to certain medications after doctors have had interactions with drug company reps.
  • There’s been a sudden uptick in referrals to another medical provider that don’t seem to be warranted.
  • There are clear indications that a provider in the practice is getting kickbacks.
  • You’ve seen too many “accidental” billing mistakes that involve incorrect coding to believe that they’re really accidents.
  • You’ve seen patients billed for services or treatments that you know they didn’t receive.
  • You’ve been told to alter patients’ records in some way to cover billing issues.
  • Every patient who walks through the door is given certain tests or treatments — even though none of their physical complaints or symptoms seem to warrant them.
  • Records seem to suddenly go missing, and your employer doesn’t appear concerned.

Medical fraud and waste is a huge area of concern for the government because it costs the taxpayers billions of dollars. Whistleblowers are encouraged to report evidence of fraud or other wrongdoing through heavy incentives and rewards. However, being a whistleblower isn’t easy. It’s wise to speak with an experienced attorney before you take the next step.