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Will the adoption of my step-child change our relationship?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

If your partner has children from a previous relationship, you’ll need to form a bond with them so that you can have a harmonious and healthy home environment. It’s likely that the way you bond with your partner’s children will depend on their age — if their children are already adults, you’ll likely have a more friendly relationship. However, if you first met your partner’s children when they were just a few months or years old, you may have stepped into the role of their parent, and you may even view them as your own children.

If it’s the case that you have a very strong parental feeling toward your partner’s children, you may want to make your parenthood official by engaging in an adoption. This can have many benefits for both the parent and the child. In some cases, it can make a family unit feel whole and connected. However, it’s not always appropriate. The following is an overview of how the adoption of a step-child can change your relationship.

It can heighten the child’s sense of belonging

It’s important for children to feel that they belong. If they have step-siblings or half-siblings, being adopted by their step-parent could be the last piece in the puzzle for their sense of belonging.

It can increase emotional security

Children need to know that their parents will always be there for them. By legally adopting your step-child, you are letting them know that you’ll be their parent for the rest of your life, not simply because you are their parent’s partner, but because you love them and you are committed to being there.

It may create confusion for the child

You should also be aware that adoption can create confusion and mixed feelings for a child who has a relationship with both of their parents.

If you are considering adopting your step-child, make sure that you understand the full process before making your decision.