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Distracted truckers are a serious threat to your safety

Trucks are big, heavy and quite capable of causing serious damage when involved in accidents with smaller, lighter vehicles. Regular passenger vehicles and large trucks don't mix, and when they collide, debilitating injuries or even death can occur. Sadly, many Tennessee truck accidents are preventable.

An overview of probate in Tennessee

Like many other Tennessee residents who have lost loved ones, you may be surprised at how much there is to do after the death of your family member. Planning the funeral, obtaining a death certificate and coordinating a cremation or burial can feel like daunting and insurmountable tasks as you attempt to process your grief.

As executor, you have probate responsibilities

After the passing of a loved one, you may feel yourself overcome by grief and may want to avoid certain responsibilities for a time. However, the rest of the world and your life must continue, and you may have duties to attend to in a timely manner. Some of the tasks ahead may relate to your deceased loved one's estate, and you certainly want to handle those tasks appropriately.

The sobering facts regarding field sobriety tests

Let's say you're driving along a Tennessee road after a lovely evening out. You're recalling the many memorable moments the night held and feeling grateful for good friends, good food and fun times. All of the sudden, you see flashing red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror and hear the sound most motorists dread — a police siren.

Task number 1 in a divorce with children: The parenting plan

With everything you have to think about as your marriage draws to a close, the most important task before you involves your children. Figuring out a way to ease the transition for them from one household to two might take a significant amount of thought from both you and the other parent.

Injured in cargo-related truck accident? Secure compensation

Numerous long-haul commercial drivers use Tennessee roadways as they make their way across the country. This may be a good thing, economically speaking, but it also presents quite a few problems for residents. Driving around tractor-trailers is a dangerous affair. If you are involved in a truck accident, it can take quite a toll on you and your family.

Defending minors against underage drug or alcohol charges

Facing criminal charges is a frightening prospect, but even more so for a minor. A criminal conviction can have a detrimental impact on a Tennessee minor's life, affecting everything from college to future career opportunities. Confronting these charges effectively by securing defense help in a timely manner could prevent these negative consequences.

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