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Keeping up with changes in employment law

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Employment Law

Workplace regulations and policies are posing issues for both employers and workers, especially when they are breached. For example, the #metoo movement has put sexual harassment in the workplace in the limelight. Employers who fail to have effective policies to prevent sexual harassment or properly address it can find themselves entangled in a legal battle with a harassed employee.

Take the case of a worker who wants to complain that they are being sexually harassed. The employer should have steps for the worker to take to address the issue and report it to those who can resolve it. Moreover, that worker should not have to fear that they will be retaliated against for reporting wrongful and illegal behavior.

Unfortunately, sometimes an employer’s policies or actions harm employees. In addition to sexual harassment, other violations of employment law may include wage and hour violations, wrongful termination or whistleblower lawsuits, to name a few. Moreover, state and federal regulations affecting employers and employees are constantly evolving, necessitating a periodic update of an employer’s policies.

At Spragins, Barnett & Cobb, PLC, we know that litigation regarding employment law disputes can have a significant impact both on the employer and employee. We believe that workers have the right to stand up for themselves when their employer breaks the law. We also understand, however, that sometimes a business’s policies need to evolve to stay compliant with current law. Employment law disputes can be tricky to handle. However, it is important that when a case is litigated, a fair result is reached that adequately addresses the issue in an appropriate manner.