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How can you protect a trade secret?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Business & Commercial Litigation

What makes a business unique or successful is often related to a secret recipe, special component part, or even a method for making a product or certain part. These are known as trade secrets, and if others knew them, it is possible that a business would not be successful. Thus, it is important that businesses in Tennessee and elsewhere understand what they can do to protect this information.

How can you protect a trade secret? This process can best be achieved when a business takes the following nine steps. To begin, what needs protection should be identified. Next, documents should be labeled as confidential, and copies of these documents should be limited and circulated only to those deemed necessary. Third, monitoring of stored information should occur. Fourth, computers should be secured.

Next, a business should maintain secrecy with outside vendors. This means having strict confidentiality provisions regarding trade secrets with those that have knowledge of these secrets. Sixth, there should be adequate security. Next, public access to the business should be limited.

Eighth, take precaution when making international deals, as some nations do not uphold U.S. policies protecting trade secrets. Finally, businesses and companies should require any employee working with trade secrets to undergo training as well as sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Having a trade secret misappropriated could cause much harm and damage to the success of a company. Therefore, it is imperative that business owners and executives of companies understand what can be done if their trade secrets have been stolen or are at jeopardy. This could mean moving forward with business litigation. A legal professional could help navigate these often complex matters by developing strategies that seek favorable outcomes.