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Neighbors oppose development of Tennessee green space

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2018 | Real Estate

While oftentimes real estate growth is good for a city’s economic development, sometimes issues regarding the development of property arise. Take, for example, a situation in Hendersonville, Tennessee, where some members of the community are opposed to the development of green space in their area.

Some residents of Hendersonville have created a group called “Friends of Indian Lake Peninsula,” with the aim of stopping the development of the wooded area around Old Hickory Lake. Members of the community have pledged to purchase real estate in the area to keep it from developing. Right now, the land has the potential to see over 150 homes erected.

Residents are also concerned that development on that land would increase problems with congestion in the area. The group needs to raise $3 million in order to save the area they want to protect. As of right now they have raised over $500,000.

The group says that it has nothing against development per se, but they are concerned about the loss of green space and natural areas in their community. So far, they are using grass roots efforts to get their message out to the public. They’ve utilized the Internet and online social networking platforms, they have created signs, mailed pamphlets and went door-to-door, all with the aim of educating residents about what they can do to save the property.

Time will tell whether this group will be successful in their endeavors. It is important that anyone who is either interested or opposed to residential real estate development or commercial real estate development to make sure they have taken into account all possible angles of their projects before beginning.

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