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Workers in Tennessee claim they haven’t been paid in weeks

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2018 | Employment Law

Whether you are lucky enough to have your dream job, or whether you are simply working the nine-to-five grind, one thing all workers in Tennessee have in common is the expectation that they will be paid for the work they do. However, some Tennessee workers are claiming that they haven’t received a paycheck from their employer for weeks.

The employer in this case operates a sewing factory through a military contract. She also is the owner and operator of an area restaurant. The workers are employed as seamstresses, waitresses and cooks. One worker is saying she hasn’t been paid in four weeks, adding up to more than $400 in unpaid wages. The workers state that their employer did not have them fill out an employment application or complete any other types of forms, including a W-2. They say they were to receive a paycheck each week.

Some of the workers asked their employer when they could expect to receive a paycheck. In a recording, their employer stated she’ll let the workers know later. The workers have stated that unless they receive what is owed to them, they’ll take action by filing a complaint against their employer for wage and hour violations with the state labor board. If the board rules in the workers’ favor, the employer could face civil sanctions. The employer maintains she has paid her workers, and did not do anything wrong.

Hopefully the workers in this case will ultimately be paid what they are owed. Unfortunately, cases of wage and hour violations will occur, leaving workers without the expected pay they need to meet their many living expenses. Not getting paid what one is owed puts a person in a very precarious financial situation. Therefore, if a worker in Tennessee believes that their employer is in violation of employment laws, including wage and hour laws, they should take the steps necessary to protect their interests.

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