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Why should you have an attorney for a real estate closing?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

Buying or selling a home could be an important step for your Tennessee family. There is more involved in this process than you may think, and you might need more than an experienced real estate agent to help you walk through the process without facing any unexpected issues.

Many people find it beneficial to have the help of an attorney as they walk through the entire real estate transaction process, including the closing. While the closing is the final step in this transaction, issues with this last step could be costly and stressful. You may find it helpful to have guidance and support as you work to complete this transaction and avoid complications. 

Navigating the last step

Even if your real estate transaction process has been relatively smooth up until this point, getting through the final step can actually be quite complex. There is much more involved with the closing process than simply signing some forms and handing over the keys. Consider the reasons why you may need support and help during a real estate closing: 

  • There may be certain state laws and regulations that could affect a closing in various ways.
  • A real estate attorney is closely familiar with the transaction process that comes with buying or selling a home and can help you avoid problems.
  • A person who knows the law and how to protect your interests should carefully review purchase or sale contracts.

It can be particularly useful to have an experienced real estate attorney to help you address potential problems with closings related to for sale by owner transactions, commercial real estate transactions and seller financed transactions.

A problem before or during closing is more than just an inconvenience. It is a direct threat to your financial well-being and your ability to meet your real estate goals.

Protecting your interests from the very beginning

The closing is the last step standing between you and the finalization of the purchase or sale of your home. This is a critical part of the transaction, and your financial interests are on the line.

It is prudent and wise to seek guidance as you walk through a real estate transaction, especially for the closing. You have the right to know your options and to understand how to protect your interests, and you can accomplish this by seeking an evaluation of your case. Whether you are already engaged with the purchase or sale process, or you will be soon, you do not have to walk through it alone.