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What are trade secrets?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Business & Commercial Litigation

There are dozens of restaurants where Tennessee residents can be served a hamburger and fries, but individual readers of this blog may each have their own favorite place to pick up this classic mealtime combination. Whether it is a special seasoning that they use on their burgers or a sauce that is offered on the side, distinctive elements are important to businesses so that they can stand out from their competitors. When a business establishes a unique element to their products that makes them distinguishable from those of their rivals that element may be considered a trade secret.

Trade secrets are often critical to the success of businesses. Without their trade secrets, businesses may struggle to hold themselves out as different from similarly situated entities. As such, a business may suffer serious harm if its trade secrets are made public and their competitors learn of them.

Businesses can and should take steps to safeguard access to and knowledge of their individual trade secrets. They may choose to limit which employees have access to the businesses’ trade secrets, and they may implement special trainings to ensure that employees understand the ramifications of disclosing trade secrets to unauthorized individuals.

When a business’s trade secret or secrets are impermissibly released that business may suffer losses and struggle to maintain its foothold in its industry. In such a devastating situation a business may look for legal options to limit its troubles and to stop others from profiting from its trade secrets. Attorneys who work in the business and commercial litigation fields of law may be able to offer entities and their owners the legal support they need to move forward.