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Discrimination can destroy a person’s livelihood

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Employment Law

There are few experiences in life more liberating than getting one’s first job. When they reflect on their younger years, Tennessee residents may remember the excitement of getting their first hard-earned paycheck and spending their own money on whatever they wanted. Although the thrill of working for one’s own wants and needs may fade over time, many men and women take pride in doing their best when completing their work tasks.

As anyone who has ever had to hold down a job can attest, however, work can be difficult when challenging individuals disrupt the manner in which places of employment run. Inappropriate and rude behavior may be annoying, but when such conduct rises to the level of offensive, it can become harassment, discrimination, or retaliation.

Workers who must do their jobs in the face of these damaging actions can suffer significantly. For some, dealing with harassment may mean keeping their cool when others say derogatory and unpleasant things about them. Still others may feel caught in a vicious work situation if they are continually passed over for raises or promotions because of who they are.

Employers may not use personal classifications as the bases for making employment decisions and may not harass, discriminate, or retaliate against their workers because of those classifications. The law firm of Spragins, Barnett & Cobb works to ensure that the rights of their employment law clients are protected and that their workplace struggles are appropriately addressed under the law. More information about our firm, the attorneys, and our practice areas may be found on our website.