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What is a reasonable accommodation in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Employment Law

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, certain employers are required to provide their disabled workers with reasonable accommodations so that they can continue to do their jobs despite their limitations. To determine if an employer is mandated to follow the rules of the ADA, one should consult with their own Tennessee-based employment law attorney for more information.

Not every accommodation that a disabled worker wants will necessarily be considered reasonable. For example, if a worker’s requested accommodation carries with it a heavy cost or would impose a significant burden on the employer to implement, it may not be required under the tenants of the ADA. However, accommodations that are financially feasible and reasonably doable are generally required of employers who are covered by the law.

When a worker requires a workplace accommodation, they should be prepared to negotiate with their employer about what they will need to continue to do their work. Through the process of negotiation, an employer and their disabled worker may be able to find common ground on a reasonable accommodation that is possible for the employer to implement and helpful to the employee.

Whenever problems related to the implementation of a workplace accommodation come up, it is important that the parties seek out knowledgeable legal support from trusted professionals. Employment law attorneys should be consulted by those who wish to request reasonable accommodations but are unsure how to bring up the subject with their employer. This post should not be used as legal advice or guidance.