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Identifying wrongful terminations in the workplace

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Employment Law

It is not uncommon for Tennessee residents to change jobs many times over the course of their careers. Whereas, in the past, a person may stay with the same employer for the full tenure of their working life, now individuals find new opportunities and move with much more frequency. Because new jobs may entice them into new positions of employment, workers may choose to leave their jobs on their own conditions and terms.

Sometimes, though, workers are let go from their jobs when they would rather continue their employment. Layoffs are one type of job loss, but terminations are another. A termination occurs when a person is fired and released from their employment. In order to terminate a person from their course of work, their employer should have a legal reason to do so.

Impermissible terminations are called wrongful terminations, and they happen when employers illegally fire their employees. Employers may not base terminations on discrimination, and they may not fire their employees in retaliation for actions the employees have legally chosen to take on. Employers are bound by the law and the contracts they sign with their employees to ensure that their workers are treated fairly and fired justly if such action becomes necessary.

If a person suspects that they were illegally fired from their job they have rights and options that they can explore. They should contact their trusted employment law attorney in order to receive case-specific advice on how best to move forward with their pending action. This post provides it readers with useful information, but no reader should take the contents of this post and use them as specific legal guidance.