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Watch out for these 3 contract-making mistakes

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

You need to pay attention to every minor detail as you run your Tennessee business. If you overlook something, it could easily spell trouble for your company. You may have only recently begun your entrepreneurial journey, but you know that your business is moving forward at a steady pace. In fact, you may be ready to make your first business deal.

Whenever you enter into a business deal, it is important that you have a contract in place. This contract can be beneficial for all parties involved, but that does not mean that you should trust the other party to come up with a fair agreement. Instead, you will want to consider your company’s needs and negotiate fair terms.

Avoid contract mistakes

Unfortunately, it is easy to make serious errors that could lead to problems for your business when creating a contract. Some issues you may want to watch out for include the following:

  • Acting too quickly: You may feel excited that your company is close to closing a business deal, but if you agree to contract terms too quickly, you may not have thought everything through as well as necessary.
  • Not considering future impacts: Certainly, the business deal may seem like a positive step for your company now, but what effects will it have in the future? Agreeing to contract terms without considering their long-term effects could prove detrimental.
  • Staying out of the drafting process: While handing over the drafting of a business contract to an attorney is certainly advisable, you do not want to remain hands-off during the process. Instead, you may want to check in, provide additional information when needed and go over any concerns you may have with your legal counsel throughout the drafting process.

Of course, these mistakes are not the only ones that could affect a contract and business deal. As a savvy entrepreneur, you will want to remain on the lookout for any potential bumps along the way.

Work with your attorney

As mentioned, working with your legal counsel throughout the contract creation process is wise. However, you may need to contact your legal team even before or after the creation of the contract. Your attorney can provide you with useful information that could ensure your business contracts stay compliant with state laws and that you have the knowledge you need to protect your business during any deal.