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Options for Claiming Damages After a Truck Accident

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Personal Injury

Large trucks and commercial vehicles haul goods across the state of Tennessee. Many of them deliver items to the stores and retailers that Jackson residents visit for their everyday needs. While many drivers who operate large trucks are responsible with their duties to be safe and avoid motor vehicle accidents, others put motorists in harm’s way when they engage in negligent driving practices.

An accident with a large truck can be a devastating event for a victim. Aside from the significant injuries they may endure, a victim may also find that they are unable to work during their period of recovery. That may mean that they will have to deal with lost wages in addition to the costs and expenses that they incur from seeking medical treatment.

Getting back on one’s feet after a truck accident can be a difficult process and can financially cripple those who lack options for supporting themselves. Litigation based on personal injuries may avail some victims to damages that can help them recover and move their lives beyond the trauma of their losses.

When preparing a pleading to sue based on personal injury losses, it is advisable for a victim to consult with an attorney to ensure that they are fully aware of their rights and options. For example, when it comes to suing based on a truck accident a victim may be able to pursue damages from multiple parties aside from just the driver of the involved truck. The owner of the truck may be a separate party from the driver, and the entity that put the truck on the road to haul goods may also carry some liability for the victim’s losses.

Claims against drivers’ and businesses’ insurance policies may be options for victims who are harmed in vehicle accidents with commercial trucks. This area of the law can be complex, and legal support from trusted personal injury attorneys can provide confidence and clarity to those struggling to recover from their collisions.