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Common marital problems that can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Firm News

Divorce is personal, painful, but surprisingly common. Though statistics on the American divorce rate vary based on different methodologies, some studies estimate that nearly half of marriages result in legal divorces. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2018 there were around 2.1 million marriages in the country but more than 782,000 divorces.

When a Tennessee resident is unhappy in their marriage, they may begin to notice signs that their relationship with their spouse is failing. These signs are very private, and readers should not use this article as marital, legal, or psychological advice. Help in any of these areas should be sought from knowledgeable professionals.

However, certain events or behaviors are common problems that can lead to divorces between married people. The inability of couples to resolve their conflicts and the presence of fighting between the partners is an often-cited reason for divorce. Also, couples who must face the infidelity of one or both of the partners often find that their marriages are not able to survive such strains.

For some couples, the feeling that one or both of the partners is not fully committed to the relationship may result in plans to divorce, and for others substance abuse issues may plague marriages with insurmountable challenges. As readers can see, causes of divorce can result from the slow erosion of partners’ commitments to each other to dramatic and sometimes violent encounters that place the partners’ health and safety in question.

However an individual arrives at the difficult decision to divorce, they should know that they can find help in the form of a divorce and family law attorney. A legal professional in this field can inform their client on matters ranging from the technical requirements of ending a marriage to how to establish a sound child custody plan. Divorce is person and painful, but it does not have to be taken on alone.