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Tennessee sees increase in fatal crashes in first quarter of 2020

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Personal Injury

One of the most common reasons for people in Tennessee to suffer injuries and fatalities is in an auto accident. Often, people believe that heavier traffic is a spark for these collisions. However, given the recent events across the nation and fewer people on the road, that assumption has been shown to be inaccurate. Statistics indicate that there was a rise in auto fatalities in multiple states across the nation. Tennessee was one of them.

The National Safety Council (NSC) released information saying that the lack of traffic on the road has increased the dangers people are facing. This is true despite people driving less frequently, nor going as far. In March, there was a 14% increase in fatalities based on the number of miles driven. There was an 8% reduction of roadway fatalities in total from 2019, but that number is misleading because people are currently driving fewer miles.

Tennessee saw a 6% increase in roadways fatalities for the first quarter of the year placing it in the top-10 of all states. To add to the concern, people have a greater propensity to die in an auto accident on holiday weekends. For 2020, the NSC estimated there would be 366 deaths in auto accidents. That is the lowest projection in six years, but much of that is due to the lack of road miles driven.

Factors that have added to the danger include people driving faster because there are fewer vehicles on the road and commercial drivers who are delivering essential items are no longer restricted to hours-of-service rules. Drivers are advised to take various safety-related steps including adhering to the speed limits, staying off the road when told to do so by regulatory agencies, keeping a close eye on pedestrians and bicyclists, not driving under the influence, avoiding distractions, making sure not to drive drowsy, and following proper safety requirements.

The current trends for road accidents are worrisome and people should be aware of how to stay safe. Simply following the law is unfortunately not enough to avoid many collisions. These crashes can cause serious problems in a person’s life including exorbitant medical expenses, worry about returning to full health to enjoy the same life activities as before, and how it will impact employment. A legal filing might be the only way to recover sufficient compensation for all that was lost. Consulting with an experienced law firm may help with a personal injury lawsuit for compensation.