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Clear boundaries make for good neighbors

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Real Estate

When buying a new piece of real estate, like so much in life, you need to have clear boundaries. Without clear personal boundaries, people can walk all over you, while an inadequately defined property boundary will enable people to walk all over your land.

Why are property boundaries so important?

  • You avoid paying for land that is not yours.
  • You prevent your neighbor from claiming land that is yours.
  • You define who has to maintain fences.
  • You avoid arguments over tree pruning.

When buying a Jackson property, or thinking about selling a piece of real estate, if there is any uncertainty over the property line, check county records. They may have the boundaries clearly laid out. A land surveyor can translate plans to the ground and help you and your neighbor understand where the divide lies. If not, or if the neighbor still does not agree, there are means of dispute resolution. You can also ask a court to decide.

Under Tennessee law, partition fences, those that divide two properties, are to be paid for and maintained equally by both parties. If your neighbor’s tree overhangs onto your property, you can trim the overhanging part. Similarly, they can do the same with your prize Japanese Flowering Cherry, hacking away at the branches on their side of the fence should they wish.

Many people fail to bring up boundaries when buying real estate for fear of getting off to a bad start with the neighbors. Yet, making things clear is the basis for a healthy future relationship. Seek legal help if you need to clear up your Jackson real estate boundary lines.