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Tennessee’s unemployment rate spikes; unemployment gets complicated

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Employment Law

You’ve always worked hard for your employer, but something you never expected was to be furloughed. The situation was completely out of your control, and you’re now left knowing that you will need to survive on less than you were earning before. Unemployment coverage never provides you with your entire wage, which will be difficult for you.

You received all the documentation that you needed to apply for unemployment, but despite that, your claim has not been approved. In fact, there is a note that your claim is under adjudication, meaning that there is a problem.

You’re not the only one who was furloughed, so you don’t understand why the unemployment benefits aren’t easier to obtain.

You’re not alone

Did you know that 9.5% of people in Tennessee are currently unemployed? If your employer made any kind of mistake providing your wages or proof of furlough, or if you inputted any information incorrectly, then your unemployment could be held up.

The good news is that an approval will result in receiving all of the support that you were due. The bad news is that it may take many weeks, or even months, for your unemployment to reach your accounts.

Right now, Tennessee’s unemployment rate is approximately 6.1% higher than in 2019, so it’s not surprising that the state is overwhelmed. That doesn’t mean that you can go without the benefits that you need, though. If your unemployment is not getting approved or if your employer is trying to claim that you are able to work despite furloughing you, then it may be time to explore your legal options.

Unemployment claims can be complex, but as an employee who has worked hard and who has earned the right to this protection, it is important that you’re able to receive it. Remember that you can continue to receive updates on your unemployment claim every 72 hours on the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development website. If you can’t seem to get your unemployment approved, or if you received it but later had it denied, it may be a good idea to talk to your attorney to sort out the problem.